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Member Benefits

JIDA members, do you audit all of your UPS & FedEx (air & ground) shipments for on time delivery? Every FedEx & UPS parcel shipment comes with a money-back guarantee. If your overnight shipment is late, even by 60 seconds, or if your ground shipment is late, even by one day, you should receive a full refund. You only have 15 days to claim a refund for a service delivery failure.


If you haven’t heard we now have another added benefit for JIDA members. We have negotiated a tiered plan based on the number of members that signup.

Once 10 members of JIDA sign-up, the pricing will change to a 55/45 split in your favor.  If 15+ members sign-up for the services, the pricing will change to a 60/40 split in your favor.  All members will start with the standard 50/50 split until each of those benchmarks are reached. There is no out of pocket to get started. They get paid for shipments they find for reimbursement.


Below is the link to get started & our JIDA contact.

Any questions contact Jida members: Chris Gaber or Richard Livesay

ChemTel Program


Who does your company use for hazardous shipping? Did you know that JIDA members receive a special rate with Chemtel? $175 annual fee for JIDA members only (Chemtel regular price $500). This discount can help pay for your JIDA membership! Please contact us if you are interested in the service or have any questions.  For more information visit their website or see .pdf to the right.


Visit ChemTel at:

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