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JIDA Code of Ethics

This is an association of jewelry industry distributors and suppliers devoted to the progressive and ethical development of the industry, under the following code:

  1. Fair American standards of employment and wage scales shall be maintained.

  2. Fair American Standards of competitive relationships shall be maintained – derogatory statements pertaining to competitors shall be discouraged.

  3. Misrepresentation by advertising or otherwise concerning the grade, quality, quantity, substance, character, nature, size, origin, serviceability, and/or anyother pertinent properties of materials, tools, springs, findings, gems, pearls, jewelery items, and allied commodities with a tendency or effect of misleading or deceiving purchasers is discouraged.

  4. Selling below the seller's cost with the intent and effort of injuring a competitor and where such effect may be substantially to lessen competition is discouraged.

  5. Extending credit beyond reasonable business prudence with the intent and effect of injuring a competitor and where the effect may be substantially to lessen competition is discouraged.

  6. Selling or offering to sell customers of the same class at different prices, discounts, or other differentials affecting price where such a difference in price and/ or terms in effect amount to discrimination in price between purchasers of the same class is discouraged.

  7. Use of the Association's name or seal in advertising, or in any fashion or manner, shall be subject to the regulations and Bylaws of the Association, and the Association reserves the right to take all necessary legal actions against the misuse of said name or seal.

  8. Members agree to maintain fair American trade standards in their relationship with the trade so as to reflect high standards of business conduct for themselves and the entire industry.


Become a JIDA Member

JIDA membership has many benefits.


  • Meet with dozens of suppliers in one convenient seting.

  • Keep current on industry trends from multiple sources.

  • Exchange ideas on industry related problems and concerns with your colleagues and suppliers.

  • Join ChemTel at a reduced rate. 

JIDA Membership falls into two classifications:
Active Membership is for material houses that sell to the retail market of watchmakers, jewelry stores, pawnshops and other related markets.
Associate Membership is for product line vendors who sell to the wholesale market and not direct to retailers.
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